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Qualitair/Graham Research Is a leading manufacturer of Quality Aviation Products. We design, fabricate, assemble and inspect all of our products in-house giving you the highest quality at the lowest price.

The Instrument Memory Index (IMI) assists the pilot or copilot in remembering, and seeing at a glance, a predetermined setting for altitude or airspeed.


gauge markers




altitude marker
Qualitair's Instrument Memory Index is manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC equipment from certified 6061-T6 Aluminum. IMI rings are black anodized to a certified MIL-A8625 standard and may be painted if desired. The IMI ring attaches to the face of an altimeter or airspeed indicator using screws from the instrument itself. If it does not have screws there is an alternative method for attaching the IMI Ring. It does not require disassembly or calibration of the instrument. After installation, the pilot or copilot simply moves a pointer (BUG) to the desired setting. The positioning of this pointer does not effect the operation of the instrument or aircraft.