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Instrument Memory Index  

Qualitair's Instrument Memory Index is manufactured to the highest standard for the aviation industry. The IMI ring comes in a variety of standard shapes and size or can be custom manufactured to meet your specifications. The Pointer (bug) is precision machined to match each ring. Available in multiple colors, the pointer allows you to clearly mark multiple areas on various aircraft instruments.

Qualitair Instrument Memory Index
Typical IMI Ring Configurations

Below are some of the configurations used to fit our IMI Rings to various aircraft instruments. These are typical but by no means are you limited to these. In most cases we will have an IMI Ring which will fit your instrument. If you do not know our part number please take the time to measure your instrument and mark up the layout print and fax it back to us for a quote.

Click here to download the layout print.

From this information we will be able to find an IMI ring to fit your instrument or be able to give you a quote on a new design. After we determine which IMI Ring will fit your instrument we will recommend which pointer to use and you can decide how many and what colors you may require.

IMI RIng Configuration
IMI Pointer (Bug)
Our IMI Pointers are precision machined to perfectly fit each IMI ring. Manufactured with durable plastic and offered in a variety of colors the Pointer slides on a dovetail track to easily move and mark specific indications on aircraft instruments.
IMI Pointer (bug)