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Nedmac Services

CNC Milling and Turning

Our modern CNC milling and turning departments are used for prototyping and short to long run production. Close tolerance machining is the norm.

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CNC Machining CNC Machining cnc lathe cnc turing

Manual Milling and Turning

Our manual mills, lathes, and grinders provide the flexibility needed for our tool room, as well as for prototyping and short run production.


Our conversational CNC controls and .0002 readouts on all manual equipment enhance our prototyping capabilities.

Tumbling and Burnishing

Our tumbling/burnishing equipment is used for deburring, corner rounding, polishing, and part finish enhancement. We use a variety of media such as ceramic, aluminum oxide, plastic, and etc.


Quality Inspection

We pride ourselves in providing quality parts. Employees are required to inspect the parts as they are run. All parts are then “in- process” and “final” inspected. Documentation and certification of processes and materials as needed.

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